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Funding Option: Skills Assure

Unlock Your Career Potential with Skills Assure Funding for QLD


Skills Assure Funding is an initiative by the Queensland Government to support eligible individuals to gain the skills and training necessary to secure employment or advance their careers. The funding covers the cost of training, assessment, and issuance of a qualification, provided the individual meets the eligibility criteria. Skills Assure Funding aims to provide accessible and affordable training across a range of industries, including but not limited to, construction, health, community services, and hospitality. The funding is available to Queensland residents and Australian citizens or permanent visa holders residing in Queensland. To apply, individuals must contact a pre-approved Skills Assure supplier and confirm their eligibility.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for Skills Assure Funding in Queensland, you must meet certain requirements, including being:

    1. A permanent resident of Queensland or an Australian citizen
    2. Aged 15 years or over and not enrolled in or attending school
    3. Seeking to enrol in a course that is on the Queensland Government subsidised training list
    4. Able to meet the citizenship/residency eligibility criteria for subsidised training under the User Choice and Certificate 3 Guarantee programs
    5. Not have completed or currently enrolled in a qualification equal to or higher than the qualification you are seeking to enrol in.

    Other eligibility criteria may apply depending on the specific funding program, so it is best to check with the training provider for further information.


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